We Are Heroes Radio Show – Oddity – Podcast N°3

June 12, 2021

Oddity AKA Haytem Guerbali is a bottomless journey of musical growth. An exchange of human love through the experience of music.
Oddity, has a real passion for electronic music that created a perfect balance, that allows him to provide the Electronic scene with energetic beats, floating aerial melodies, tons of good vibes, and an enthusiasm for sharing music that goes beyond words.
The music of Oddity aims to bring audiences together through beautiful stories and strong messages. It is a journey that invites listeners to question the world around them, bringing all together through the essential human values of sharing, meeting, and discovery.
Since his 13th birthday, Haytem made music his salvation while growing up in Morocco, loves an eclectic mix of melodic, oriental pieces, aerial vocals, gut ranching sonorities that he plays all over the Moroccan dance floors.
He’s also the co founder of Kairos, an alias of two DJs (Moroccan and French), who met on an amazing artistic journey that begun way back for both of them.

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